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SDR Company Mission

Our mission is to provide our partners with the marketplace intelligence necessary to endow them with the competitive advantage that is essential for their continued growth

SDR's focus is the development and application of sophisticated tools and techniques to obtain market data, transforming that data into marketplace intelligence and implementing it for both strategic and tactical decision-making.

At SDR our primary objective is to ensure our clients' success. By developing partnering relationships we better understand the challenges our clients face. Our people are more than consultants with experience in advanced statistical analysis and complex market models, they are people with multidisciplinary backgrounds who can communicate in terms senior managers understand.

We believe the voice of the customer is key to developing effective marketing strategies. We see our role as assisting you in developing clear actionable objectives and collecting and transforming the voice of the customer into marketplace intelligence. This marketplace intelligence is then viewed in the context of your overall objectives and SDR then recommends specific strategy to give you competitive advantage in the marketplace.