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How we Work - fact based, not case based

SDR's approach to strategic marketing consulting is distinctly different from that of management consulting as well as research firms. Management consulting employs much more case analogies and best practices in their approach to answering your business questions. While bringing prior business experience is very valuable, this approach lacks an information based perspective and does not breed breakthrough marketing strategies. SDR's approach is also based on our prior experience with what has worked well in the marketplace, but by blending customer input our strategies are in touch with evolving trends in the industry and, perhaps more importantly, the constituencies of that industry.

SDR's approach to integrating customer input into the strategic marketing planning process, is critical to getting insightful market information and sets us apart from many traditional research approaches. Key to collecting customer input is the prioritization of research objectives in light of overall company strategy. SDR's deep experience with state-of the-art research techniques, allows us to create a research based information platform that uncovers customer's unique values and sensitivities and how they impact corporate strategy.