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Rick Hunter, President, SDR Consulting
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Rick Hunter Rick is President of SDR Consulting. Rick joined SDR Consulting in June of 1995 and specializes in providing all types of market research consulting services to major marketing research firms and corporations for their marketing research projects including online sample and phone sample. He also manages public opinion research projects, provides cross tabulation services, and provides consultation services (including sample, managerial and analytical consulting). He also has been involved in the initial marketing efforts of some successful start-up businesses.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors from Jacksonville University in Political Science and History. He has worked in the fields of sampling services, sampling design, public opinion research, exit polling, media time buying and political consulting for more than 30 years.

Rick has supervised the completion of over 600,000 surveys during his career. He has consulted major political candidates, as well as major corporations on the public's opinion of them and other issues using public opinion research. He has also been an executive political news director during election night coverage for two national Hispanic television networks (working in conjunction at different times with ABC, Univision, Telemundo, CBS and CNN). He is one of a handful of sample professionals to set-up, manage and project elections through exit polls of national and local elections for television.

As President of SDR Consulting, Rick is responsible for the corporate operations, client relationships, project management, and the development of new services and products for our clients.